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Brown's HealthCare Center has been proudly serving the Statesboro Community for the past 57 years. We provide individualized long-term care through specialized nursing services, rehabilitation services, nutritional services, recreational services and patient/family services.

At Brown's HealthCare Center, we understand the concerns and uncertainties you and your loved one feel when considering the right health care facility. Our goal is to serve the total person -- recognizing that we care for unique individuals, each with his or her own distinct set of needs, wants, beliefs and expectations. You will find ongoing gentle and supportive care at Brown's.

Brown's HealthCare Center is a 63-bed specialty health care facility for the residents of Statesboro, GA. We provide restorative skilled nursing care and a comprehensive rehabilitation program for people recovering from a disabling illness or injury. We offer hospice for the terminally ill and their families.

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Phone: 912-764-9631
Fax: 912-764-8384
Address: 226 S. College Street
  Statesboro, GA 30458

Long Term Care Questions Answered by Tammy Royal »
Section: Long Term Care
Q:  If a person has concerns about the way a family member in long-term care is being treated by staff, what is the best way to voice those concerns without being known as \"that\" person? I don\'t want the staff to think of me negatively, but I do have some things I\'d like to address.
A:  The best way to voice concerns which is important, is to direct your concerns to the Director of Nursing and/or the Administrator. The concerns will then be addressed with the proper staff member, by the facilities grievance policy which is an internal form that will allow your concerns to be addressed in a discreet manner. It is always important to address any concerns with management so that those concerns can be addressed before they become bigger problems. If you feel your concerns are not addressed properly, each nursing home has an assigned ombudsman ,as she or he serves as the resident advocate.  Each nursing home is mandated by the  state.  The numbers for contacting these parties are posted in the nursing home in a location that is easily obtained.   Each of these parties will investigate your concerns as you will remain anonymous, and after investigation, you will be contacted regarding your concerns with the findings and the way your concerns will be addressed. Thanks for your question!

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Section: Long Term Care
Q:  How long will a patient have to stay in long term care?
A:  A person can enter a LTC facility for Short Term Rehab, Long Term Care or Respite Care. The length of stay can vary depending upon the needs of the person. Short Term Rehab is for a person who no longer needs acute hospital care but is unable to return home and care for themselves. Short Term Rehab is typically 20 to 100 days for OT, ST or PT Therapies like recovery from surgery. LTC assist the person with normal daily activity such as medications, meals, bathing, etc. The stay for LTC would depend on the individuals need and usually the LTC facility becomes their home. Respite Care is short term and provides relief for family or caregivers taking care of someone at home. It is usually a weekend or 1 to 2 weeks. Medicare, Medicaid or Private Insurance all can be available to help pay for for Short or Long Term Care.

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Section: Long Term Care
Q:  What kind of patients do you assist in long term care?
A:  Our team provides services to people who require skilled nursing care (care that can only be provided by a licensed nurse or therapist). This may include people who need short or long term rehab ordered by a physician (Physical, Occupational, Speech or Respiratory therapy), Hopsice Care or people who just can't live on their own and do the daily activities of living due to age or other factors such as Dementia. Other examples of skilled care include Wound Management and dressings, Tube Feedings, Medication Administration or other cases of changing health status. We have a dedicated staff to assist anyone who may need questions answered regarding Long Term Care and the qualifications and needs we meet.

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Section: Long Term Care
Q:  How does someone pay for long term care? What are my options?
A:  There are many different options to pay for LTC. Policies such as Medicare, Medicaid, SSI Disability, LTC Insurance and others can all be used to cover LTC. Several of these policies can overlap to help cover different types of services such as Room & Board, Medications, Therapy Sevices and other types of care. We have a dedicated Business Office Manager here everyday that is able to asssit families & individuals in determining what options are available and what is covered. We also can assist in applying for the coverage mentioned above to make sure you qualify. Feel free to call or stop by anytime and we would be glad to assit you and answer any questions.

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Section: Long Term Care
Q:  What is long term care?
A:  Long term care is made of many different services and may include help with activities of daily living like dressing, grooming and eating as well as help with care most people do themselves like administeriing medications. It also includes Rehabilitation Services such as Physical Therapy, Occupational and Speech Therapy. Someone with a long term physical illness, a disability or a memory disorder (such as Alzheimer's) often needs long term care. We like to think of our LTC facility as a home away from home. A place where loved ones can come together and live life to the fullest.

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